COVID-19 notice

We have put into place new measures at the practice. Please read them through before booking an appointment so you know what to expect.

Before your appointment:

We now have to contact every patient by telephone to carry out the required screening questions regarding your Covid-19 risk before attending an appointment. We will also update your medical history and can discuss any queries or concerns. Please note if we cannot complete the screening we will not be able to see you.

On the day of your Appointment:

Before arriving please hydrate, brush your teeth. The toilet at ours will be available for emergency use only.

Where possible, please attend on your own to help social distancing. Chaperones can be admitted if necessary for the wellbeing and safety of the patient.

Please stay in your car or outside the front entrance until we open the front door for you. You will be greeted or called by a member of the dental team when we are ready for you to enter the building.

When you enter the Practice:

Please only bring what you need into the Practice and wear your face covering. We are happy to provide a face mask. Where possible, please maintain the current social distancing guidelines until you are within the surgery.

When you enter the front door, please remove your coat and leave any belongings in the designated secure area.

You will be prompted to use the hand sanitiser provided from one of our dispensers. Please bring your reading glasses with you if required as you will need to read and sign our consent form.

Once inside the surgery:

You will be within close proximity of our staff members, but they will be wearing our new enhanced PPE to keep us all safe. Treatment will be carried out with the usual care and attention to detail.

After your appointment

Please make your way back downstairs, collect your belongings and exit out of the building as guided.

If the Reception area is not in use, we will call by telephone to take payment over the phone and/or if further appointments need to be scheduled. The surgery will remain 'fallow' or empty for a specified period after each patient before thorough environmental cleaning takes place.

Changes to the Patient Journey

We appreciate the changes we are asking our patients to undertake may be something you feel you wish to discuss. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries or feel you may need assistance up and down the stairs.

Please contact the Practice on 01275 332371.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Practice and please remember we are still the same friendly team behind any additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).